Broadway Beach Bops


Photo: Matthew Murphy

Theatrely Editorial Board
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March 17, 2022 11:26 AM

In honor of Spring Break, we’re celebrating Broadway tunes with a beach-y feel. Check out out list below and be sure to share your musical moments with us on social media! 

“I Feel So Much Spring” – A New Brain

Yes, yes I know this is an easy one but you simply can’t go wrong with William Finn and those harmonies…yes please. (Kobi) 

“Wet” – Steel Pier

Karen Ziemba singing about getting wet. Need I say more? (Kobi)

“Airport Song” – Honeymoon in Vegas

Hopefully all of your travel plans for Spring Break don’t end up as bad as this, but what a fun travel song from JRB. (Kobi)

“Xanadu” – Xanadu

Nothing captures *no thoughts, just vibes* like Xanadu. Queue up the show’s theme and chill out, roller skating and neon lights optional. (Amanda)

“Big Fun” – Heathers

If you’re hosting any sort of (safe) gathering, you’ll find chaotic inspiration with this ensemble number. Make sure to coordinate your scrunchies and make some Jell-O shots beforehand (I didn’t tell you to do that). (Amanda)

“Bye Bye Birdie Reprise” – Bye Bye Birdie

This theme sounds like cruising along the Pacific Coast Highway. Throw it on a playlist with some deep cuts from The Beach Boys and “Malibu” by Miley Cyrus and you’re practically on the beach. (Amanda)

“Good Morning Starshine” – Hair

An arguably happy song during an arguably unhappy moment in the musical Hair. Something (made up words!) has to pierce through the pain. (Nolan)

“Sun Is Gonna Shine” – Bright Star 

Carmen Cusack’s warm vocals soothe my weary winter soul and remind me that it actually can get warm again. (Nolan)

“Simple Joys” – Pippin 

Spring makes me so happy and this song scratches the itch in my brain in the same way. I would like to be a newt on the root of the banyan tree, actually, thanks. (Nolan)

“Havana” – Guys and Dolls

Who needs lyrics when you can samba on the sand to these Latin beats? (Dan) 

“Song on the Sand” – La Cage Aux Folles

The perfect arm-in-arm song for those sunset (or sunrise) walks with bae...or one night stand. (Dan)

“Cheeseburger in Paradise” – Escape From Margaritaville

I like cheeseburgers—no further explanation needed. (Dan)

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