Day Off Diary: AMERICAN UTOPIA’s Jacquelene Acevedo

Day Off Diary

Jacquelene Acevedo | Photo: Rebecca J Michelson/Theatrely

Kobi Kassal
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March 7, 2022 2:04 PM

For many performers and creatives, after a long 8-show week, their one day off is time to rest and recharge. This week, we caught up with Jacquelene Acevedo from David Byrne’s American Utopia to spend an afternoon with them. Get to know a bit more about Jacquelene in her #DayOffDiary: 

Hometown? Toronto. 

Where might we find you on your day off? In bed haha… also in the park, taking pics of cute dogs, or riding my bike.

If you weren’t a musician and creative, what would you be doing? I can’t imagine my life without a creative lean… If I wasn’t a musician, I’d be a designer. I thoroughly enjoy the visual arts and fashion.

If you could describe your experience with American Utopia so far in just one word, what would it be? Euphoric. 

Who are you jamming to on Spotify right now? Little Simz, Leikeli 47, Pharoah Sanders, DJ Smallz, Celeste, Jorge Drexler, Karol G.

What are you binging on TV right now? 90s sitcoms. 

Read any good books lately? Effortless Mastery by Kenny Werner.

One Instagram account (besides your own, duh), that we need to be following? Endea Owens @endeatheebassbae, an incredible bass player.

Favorite coffee joint in Midtown? What’s your order? Tea! Harney and Sons in SoHo and my order, naturally, is SoHo blend.

Pickles on your burgers? Yes.

Pineapple on your pizza? Absolutely. 

What flavor of cream cheese on your bagel? What’s that walnut one? That one or strawberry on a poppy seed bagel.

What is one show you are dying to see on Broadway right now? MJ the Musical.

Favorite memory of working on American Utopia? There’s too many to name a favorite, but one that I love is the circle we all make in “Every Day is a Miracle,” there’s so much love and playfulness between us all. 

You can catch Jacquelene in American Utopia, which is now in performance at the St. James on West 44th Street in New York City. For tickets and more information, visit here. For more photos, visit Theatrely on Instagram. All photos by Rebecca J Michelson/Theatrely.

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Kobi Kassal

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Day Off Diary
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