Getting to Know You: SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS Writer and Star Michael Cruz Kayne

Getting to Know You

Michael Cruz Kayne in Sorry For Your Loss | Photo: Jeremy Daniel

Jordanna Brody
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May 25, 2023 12:12 PM

Like all the world's most insightful theatrical works, it began with a tweet. On the tenth anniversary of a profound loss, comedian Michael Cruz Kayne felt compelled to describe his feelings of grief in 140 characters or less. Much to his surprise, hundreds of thousands came back with shows of support from all corners of the globe. Overwhelmed by the response, the Late Show with Stephen Colbert writer and host of A Good Cry created Sorry for Your Loss, a sidesplitting, heartrending look at life—and death. This powerfully personal world premiere cuts through the platitudes, directly reaching out to anyone who has ever experienced loss—or will. So... everyone.

Michael Cruz Kayne is a comedian, actor and writer based in NYC. He is currently a staff writer on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, where his work has earned him a Peabody Award, a WGA Award and three Emmy nominations. Acting credits include HBO’s The White House Plumbers and High Maintenance, as well as Apple TV’s Severance and Helpsters, among others. Michael also has a Signal Award-winning and Webby-nominated podcast about grief, A Good Cry, with notable guests that include Stephen Colbert, Nicole Byer, Joel Kim Booster and Nora McInerny.

Learn more about Michael Cruz Kayne and Sorry For Your Loss below.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned from your experience so far with Sorry for Your Loss?  

NYC theatergoers are the best people in the entire world.

How does writing a one person, very personal show, differ from writing for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert?

When I’m writing for late night, I cry less.

What do you hope people take away from Sorry for Your Loss?

If you are grieving, for whatever reason, you are not alone.

Who is your dream podcast guest for A Good Cry?

Oh wowow hard to pick just one…maybe Barack Obama hahah never gonna happen.

Beyond performing and writing, what are some other projects you’re working on?

Trying to figure out how to take naps.  What’s the secret?  Drugs?  Crystals? If you know, email me!

We’re obsessed with social media here at Theatrely. What side of TikTok are you on? What does your For You Page look like?

I don’t have TikTok!  I have books!  I don’t read them, but I have them!

Speed Round: Hometown?

Somewhere in Connecticut

Favorite hobby?

Chess, unless I’m losing, then basketball, unless I’m losing, then eating cheese.

Latest TV binge?

The Wire

Any book recommendations?

When We Cease To Understand The World

What’s your favorite Instagram account to follow?

@cruzkayne is pretty good. He’s funny and really smart and has the perfect take on everything and is also maybe a model?

Next destination you want to travel to?

The Philippines!

If you could describe your experiences with Sorry For Your Loss so far in just one word, what would it be?


Sorry For Your Loss is currently playing at the Minetta Lane Theatre through June 10. For more information, click here.

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Jordanna Brody

Originally from South Florida, Jordanna Brody graduated from Emerson College with a BFA in Theatre Education and Performance in 2019. Her experience teaching, performing, directing, and working behind the scenes informs her perspective on theatre in every way. She is passionate about uplifting marginalized voices and innovative theatrical experiences.

Getting to Know You
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