Santino Fontana Returns to 54 Below


Santino Fontana

Kobi Kassal
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September 8, 2023 10:15 AM

Few have the vocal chops that Santino Fontana possesses. A wonderful comedic actor who has graced the stage and screen, both big and small, for years now, is returning to New York’s famed 54 Below with his solo show, and this time he is bringing friends! From making his Broadway debut in the 2007 revival of Sunday in the Park with George, up to his Tony-winning performance in Tootsie, Fontana is a pure theatrical delight in any role he steps into. 

I caught up with Fontana to chat about his upcoming performances and what we might expect! Our conversation has been edited for clarity and length.  

Theatrely: Santino! You are back at 54 Below! What is it about 54 Below that you love performing here so much?

The last few years have been unprecedented and I feel like it’s time for us all to get back in the habit of seeing live performances because there’s nothing like it. 

You have some exciting guests joining you this time around, tell me about them!

I just started rehearsals and thought…I wanna bring some of these friends with me…and luckily they all said yes…I’ve got Rebecca [Naomi Jones] on the 10th, Sarah [Steele] on the 12th, Julia [Lester] on the 13th and Greg [Hildreth] on the 14th.  Can’t wait!

I know you are in rehearsals for I Can Get It For You Wholesale down at CSC, how is that going?

We’re on day three but this is a piece we’ve been working on for years now.  I think the first reading was either 2016 or 2017.  Becca and Greg were there then too so it feels like a reunion in rehearsals.  We’re all excited to stage it and let audiences discover it.

What might we expect to hear during this turn at 54 Below? Can you give us a little taste?

Well, every show will be different but this is mostly theater music.  Audiences can expect a free wheeling, entertaining night of songs you know as well as hopefully, some you don’t know quite as well.

Do you have a favorite memory of performing at 54 Below?

Oh boy.  Back when 54 Below was brand new I loved singing with Charlie Rosen’s Broadway Big Band..that’s a long time ago now.

Let’s play a little game, if Prince Hans, Michael Dorsey, and Greg Serrano were all going to perform at 54 Below, what song would they each sing?

Well, Hans would sing Forbidden Fruit or The Best Night Of My Life or On Your Toes, Michael would sing When Will The Bells Ring For Me or It’s A Quiet Thing or Anything You Can Do or Everybody Says Don’t…and Greg would sing You Don’t Know Me or Mister Cellophane or Anyone Can Whistle.

When audiences come see your newest cabaret show, what do you hope they take away from it?

That there’s nothing like live performance!

For tickets and more information, visit here

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