SHERLOCK HOLMES: AN ONLINE ADVENTURE Invites You To Solve The Clues — Review

Richard Holt in "Sherlock Holmes: An Online Adventure"
Katie Dye
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February 25, 2021 7:00 PM

The online game is afoot! Part immersive theatre, part computer game, and part choose-your-own-adventure story, The immersive groundbreaking company Les Enfants Terribles present Sherlock Holmes: An Online Adventure. In “The Case of the Hung Parliament,” three members of Parliament have been murdered and it appears as though the Prime Minister is next! A group of six individuals—friends or strangers—with the help of Dr. Watson, of course, are tasked with saving the PM’s life and solving the case.

In the exclusively virtual world that we currently live in, I'll admit I was a bit wary when asked to cover this production. Since six people are put together, if you don’t join with friends you’re working through the case with strangers. Luckily, much of the experience involved individual investigation and the parts where we were brought together worked well, with much of the group work focused on exchanging exciting theories and personal observations. The ability to strike that balance between group work and individual experience was managed perfectly throughout the evening. 

Utilizing both Zoom and the internet, the production ran smoothly without any technical issues. The cast did a stellar job of navigating the performance and helping the participants know when and where they needed to be. Rosalind McAndrew played Watson during my particular performance, and I was impressed with her abilities to keep us engaged, make sure everyone was involved, and maintain a delightful and cheery attitude all night. 

While Sherlock Holmes: An Online Adventure feels more like a game than a live theatrical performance, that doesn’t change how much I thoroughly enjoyed myself. As a competitive person, the experience was challenging and captivating without being as daunting as some of the experiences I have partaken in. Take an hour and a half, put on your detective hat and try to solve the case; you won’t regret it.

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Katie Dye

Katie Dye is based in London and has a BA in Anthropology from the University of Central Florida, a JD from Tulane Law School, and is currently working on an MA in Arts and Cultural Management from King’s College London. Perhaps more importantly, she started her entertainment career as a theatre tech at Universal Orlando’s Horror Make-Up Show and has since amassed nearly a decade of experience in the industry in tech, talent, legal, front of house, and ice rink maintenance capacities.