Stage Door Speed Round: THE WIZARD OF FRIENDSHIP’s Lewberger 

Stage Door Speed Round

(L-R) Keith Habersberger, Alex Lewis, and Hughie Stone Fish

Dan Meyer
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March 10, 2023 8:54 AM

Lewberger is known for making its audiences laugh—and it was no different when the trio showed up for a bit of fun with Theatrely. Their show, Lewberger & The Wizard Of Friendship: The Musical, is currently playing at Theatre Row. While that is sold out, the group is performing weekend concerts at the Off-Broadway venue, with tickets still available.

In the middle of their busy schedules, Lewberger, aka Keith Habersberger, Alex Lewis, and Hughie Stone Fish, stopped by the stage door for some typical hijinx. Find out their favorites line from the show, how Ewan McGregor factors into their pre-show routine, where to find Jason Robert Brown on a scooter, and more, in the latest edition of Stage Door Speed Round below. 

The show follows the trio as they get into a fight, the rift in their friendship growing so large that it breaks the heart of the Wizard of Friendship. Lewberger is then sent on a musical quest in NoFriendia, a wild land of whimsy where they must venture to the intimidatingly Handsome Forest, through the Adults-only Haunted House, and many more amazing places. (Check out Theatrely’s full clip of “Giant Bird in a Man Suit” featuring Habersberger in just that.)

Last year, Lewberger came to fame by posting videos on TikTok in which Alex sings the real words to a song while Keith invents new words because he doesn’t know the original. Hughie plays the piano and sings harmony. The results are hilarious, genuine, and delightful. Quickly, the trend pivoted to Broadway song covers and soon the stars were getting in on the game, like Alex Brightman, Julie Benko, Rob McClure, Max Clayton, and more.

You may have seen the trio before even then, too. Habersberger is a member of internet sensations The Try Guys, boasting millions of subscribers and their own production company. Lewis is an actor and comedian who can be seen on several TV shows and the movie All About Nina as well as the remake of MGM’s Valley Girl. Fish is an Emmy Award-winning songwriter and a music producer/educator with a nonprofit bringing arts education to his hometown of Syracuse, New York.

For more information and tickets, click here.

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Dan Meyer

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