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Tony Awards

The Tony Awards will NOT be held at Radio City Music Hall This Year | Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty

Kobi Kassal
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September 26, 2021 11:45 AM

Tune-in tonight for live updates from the Theatrely staff tonight starting at 7pm ET as we watch and dish all about the 74th Annual Tony Awards...


Meg: Not surprising - but very exciting!!


Michael: Adrienne Warren’s fucking unstoppable!!

Michael: Also loving seeing so many musicians tonight


Meg: Celia deserves so much love tonight. They’re INCREDIBLE and I can’t wait to see where they go from here.

Michael: Bernadette is ageless. We all know it but it bears repeating.

Michael: Also big shoutout to tonight’s string section for nailing it even with just a small number of players

Meg: We are not updating this chat right now bc crying (well at least that’s why I’m not)

Michael: Wow. That was the heaviest in memoriam ever no question


Michael: The fastest Beautiful City I’ve EVER heard

Michael: Mr Groban is lovely but always sounds like OPERAAAAAHHHHH


Michael: Best, most moving performance thus far.

Michael: I went to college with the conductor of BIV and it is a goddamn watershed moment seeing him up there

Michael: Just a bit too much Ben Platt for my taste these days

Meg: We need less Ben Platts at the table

Michael: And never enough Anika Noni Rose

Juan: The lack of Larry Owens in this broadcast…

Meg: I wish Ben Platt would take this time to finish the Politician instead because I've been waiting!!!!!!!!!

Juan: Ben Platt wants to move on from this Dear Evan Hansen cycle


Meg: Yeah we definitely weren’t going to get through this without LMM ending up on stage somehow

Michael: As dramatic as POSSIBLE with that music

Michael: I love Kenny Leon. Everything this man does

Meg: I mean…maybe a little diss to Ibsen



Michael: How did he get here this fast?!!!! Wooooowwww!!!

Michael: Honestly special tony award to whoever did the keyboard programming for this show

Juan: where is lil kim

Meg: I haven't seen MR yet but it looks like an absolute rave and I think that's what we all need right now

Michael: Why is John Legend snapping off the beat

Michael: Chrissy Teigen caught preparing another ridiculous insta post


Michael: Welcome back everyone to the winter garden featuring…The Music Man signage!!

Meg: The choreography in this number is gorgeous!!

Michael: Angie Schworer as the next Jenna please

Michael: Patrick Vaccariello raising awareness of us left-handed conductors!!!

Meg: Bernadette is SERVING AS ALWAYS!

Meg: Jordanna just said "this is marching band realness" LOL


Meg: Go get a cookie y'all

Meg: WAIT I just remembered I actually brought pumpkin spice cookies to the newsroom!!



Juan: why did perez hilton just like my tweet

Juan: Adrienne extend your time in TINA challenge!!

Meg: Now we wait for Marymount Manhattan to have the nerve to boast about their alum winning after the experiences she's shared about MMC lmao

Michael: Her career better SOAR


Michael: ORIGINAL ORCHESTRATION YES. King Harold WheelerMeg:

Meg: This is RIVETING


Michael: Here we goooooooooooo

Michael: No but bebe neuwirth absolutely deserves a tony for being here

Michael: He is on his way to playing Father in Children of Eden in this suit

Meg: I am very relieved that I do not have to publish the article I wrote in the event he lost

Michael: We all wanted to see this article are u KIDDING

Michael: If I ever win a tony award my speech will be going very much like this


Michael: DEF feels overdue

Meg: We knew Moulin Rouge was going to steal the show tonight and I am totally okay with that!! I do hope Tina gets some well-deserved acclaim in  some of the remaining categories.

Juan: Closing my eyes and pretending its for Here Lies Love !!

Michael: Me too. There’s a lot of good there as well

Michael: Sheryl Lee Ralph KNOWS how good she is looking today

Michael: What is going on

Meg: I think word spread that the CBS show is starting late so maybe they were all told to kill as much time as possible lol


Meg: I just don't know what to say in response to this dude LOL

Juan: Robert O’Hara did not deserve this

Michael: Phyllida Lloyd of Mamma Mia?!??

Juan: yes ma'am


Meg: Diablo is dressed very Lydia Deetz tonight??




Michael: Christopher Nightingale—orchestrator of Matilda!!

Meg: Jennifer Nettles being cast in Waitress has exposed me to the theatre community as a closeted country music fan and I am slightly mad about it!!!!!! But also GOD I LOVE HER


Meg: Aaron's looking nervous, y'all!!

Michael: Strongest speech yet

Michael: Such a tough show to design with the orchestra not even close to the stage. Deserved


Michael: Another sweep babyyy

Michael: It was basically the disney electrical parade on stage. I’d riot if it didn’t win


Meg: That's a fair win!! It seems to me like Tina also has some cool costumes but MR's are so elaborate

Michael: First mask-on speech. I respect it

Meg: YES, Michael!


Michael: LaChanze and Darren Criss. Most unlikely couple

Meg: Gee I wonder which musical will win Best Scenic Design

Meg: Does Anyone Have Any Guesses...It Is Such a Mystery

Michael: SHOCKER! ! !


Meg: He was like "I been known"

Michael: This could win best scenic design for my lifetime frankly


Michael: Did not expect we would get this super fast gloss over given the extra time

Michael: James & Jeremy, the actual stars of A Christmas Carol

Juan: Cringe hip-hop erasure lol

Michael: Lin...manuelmiranda

Michael: NICE camera work!!


Michael: ANDRE DESHIELDS ALWAYS the most debonair. He is my role model.

Meg: I cannot contain my excitement right now I love this woman oh my god

Juan: There are few actors whose careers as I’m excited for as Ali Stroker’s


Michael: The tambourine!!!

Meg: I need her in more classic Broadway roles right now, please!!!!!

Meg: Honestly I never realized how perfectly suited her voice is for A Chorus Line but WOW. This score is for her.

Meg: THE GROWL, okay!!!

Michael: Also loving this new arrangement. Treating the original version with so much respect but with so much OOMPH. I need the trombone player for all my shows

Meg: Okay I can finally breathe it's commercial time


Michael: This sounds very odd with saxes and brass

Juan: Should've been an EGOT :'(

Meg: My favorite Baltimore native!!


Michael: Holy Lauren Patten looks incredible

Meg: Oof

Michael: These will be interesting speeches

Meg: ...that applause was light


Michael: Give me that uptempo Magic to Doooo

Meg: Honestly struggling to read a last name as simple as Smith is a huge dyslexic mood and I relate

Michael: We can only hope to be thriving like Lois Smith at age 90!! Incredible


Meg: I cannot unhear the Lord Farquaad in John's voice as he presents I'M SORRY

Michael: You could tell that cheer for Danny was bigger than any other when he was announcing his name. We already knew

Meg: YES

Meg: When he said "after 7 nominations" I STOPPED BREATHING

Michael: I'm legit tearing up. And as always, he's so incredibly gracious.

Juan: This bodes well for the Amy Adams Supporting Oscar next year

Meg: When he mentions Rebecca I'm going to break

Meg: I'm broken

Juan: 🥺


Meg: First category, here we go!!!!!!!

Meg: My first prediction of the night was right!

Michael: Felt this one coming. Absolutely overdue, he’s a treasure

Juan: I didn’t see Soldier’s Play but, after seeing David in Porgy & Bess, I’m FOR IT


Juan: it's giving college reunion

Michael: Love that the orchestra is onstage!!!!


Michael: Audra is radiant

Meg: She actually looks heaven-sent

Michael: And that trumpet soloooo

Meg: A gentle speech from Audra McDonald is what we all needed at this Tony's specifically

Michael: Love to hear a shoutout for The Wiz! Hopefully one day it gets the revival it deserves

Juan: 50th anniversary in 3 years 👀

Meg: I'm really glad Audra is addressing the need for change...we'll see how much change is evident through where the voters put their votes tonight



Michael: Weird move to use the movie orchestration over the broadway one but okay

Michael: Kerry Butler still cute as hell


Juan: Heyoo — if they don’t bring in the Delta Nu girls to start us off, it’s a cursed night

Michael: Just here for the Hairspray reunion performance. Truly

Meg: How am I a Baltimore native and I didn't know this was happening?!?!

Michael: Need to know who orchestrated this preshow music

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Kobi Kassal

Hailing from sunny South Florida, Kobi Kassal founded Theatrely (formerly Theatre Talk Boston) while attending Boston University. He is an avid theatre attender and can be found seeing a performance most nights of the week (in normal times!) He is interested in the cross section of theatre, popular culture, hospitality, and politics. He also loves a good bagel!

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