Theatrely Three: COME FROM AWAY

Theatrely Three
The cast of Come From Away | Photo: Matthew Murphy
Emily Hulbert
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September 21, 2021 4:25 PM

Our top three reasons why you should not miss out on Come From Away's return. 

It’s time to kiss the cod and become an honorary Newfoundlander! Come From Away tells the true stories of unity between the 38 planefuls of travelers and the people of Newfoundland as they navigate September 11, 2001, and the days following. With book, lyrics, and Celtic inspired original music by Irene Sankoff and David Hein, the production is directed by Christopher Ashley.

Here’s our Theatrely Three:

  1. Come From Away showcases people from all over the world coming together in times of crisis which is very much a relevant point today as we continue to experience the trials of the pandemic. The lyrics and music range in emotion from heartbreak to love to stages of grief and those themes can always speak true to people going through different stages of life. Come From Away encapsulates all of that and more showing how people will come together in the darkest of times.
  1. The show is based on real life stories combined from thousands of interviews! The characters in the show were created with the interviews in mind, even using the names of real Gander residents for their show counterpart. From the love story that is Nick and Diane, to the first bonobo chimp being born in Gander, the chosen stories are captivating and ones that the audience will love to hear. 
  1. The cast of this show is truly incredible! Playing at least 7 different characters each, the ensemble of 12 performers, switch settings, costumes, and mindsets throughout the show. Not only is this a challenge for any actor, but they do it well enough that the audience knows exactly which character is which. The show also features original Broadway cast members, Joel Hatch, Astrid Van Wieren, Q. Smith, Caesar Samayoa, and Sharon Wheatley. Come From Away continues to leave the audience with a feeling of hope, which, just like in 2001, is what we need more than ever. 

Come From Away is now in performances at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre on 45th Street in New York City. For tickets and more information, visit here.

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Emily Hulbert

Emily Hulbert, a New Jersey native, grew up frequenting the theatre either as a part of the show or as an audience member. Now, she is a theatre marketer and photographer. A recent graduate of Penn State, she can be found rooting for her favorite team or sparking up creative conversation with other theatremakers.

Theatrely Three
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