Brown University Alumni to Perform TOGETHER APART Benefitting The Actor's Fund

Zack Reiser
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May 10, 2021 2:15 PM

TOGETHER APART, a collection of new short musicals written, composed, directed-by and starring Brown University alumni, will premiere on May 27th at 5:30 PT/8:30 ET to raise money for The Actors Fund, an organization that provides emergency financial assistance to members of the entertainment community.

The musical evolved out of a true Zoom moment:  A Brown musical theatre reunion attended by graduates from the early 80’s through the late 90’s.  Lisa Loeb, ’90 Graduate and Grammy Award Winner, was energized by the digital reconnection, and inspired to write a musical about the experience.  She asked the group if they wanted to collaborate, and the creative process began.

Loeb said, “As I sat in the Zoom reunion, listening to everyone talk about their current lives, connecting with friends, and reflecting on all of our vivid musical theatre memories from Brown, I realized that we shouldn’t just talk about what happened in the past, but we should write a Zoom musical about what’s going on, and it should happen all in the world of Zoom.  And by sharing our storytelling and our passion and love for theatre, we can work together to provide an outlet for our shared creativity while giving back to this incredible cause.”

The production is a compilation of ten, seven-minute musicals, all about connecting on Zoom at the beginning of the pandemic.  Producer Beth Wishnie, ’89 Graduate and Tony Award Winner said, “This entire project has been a labor of love. Once we decided to raise money for our friends in the entertainment industry, we worked around the clock to make something meaningful to anyone who was able to see it."  

Emmy and SAG award winner, Julie Bowen ’90, who was in the midst of filming in Canada, was especially enthusiastic to join, knowing the show would be raising money for The Actors Fund.   David Lai’ ‘86, who was deep in production on the music for the movie of Come From Away, came aboard as well.  As did so many other talented Brown including Broadway veteran Ann Harada, Emmy Award winner, Josh Hamilton ’92, and film icon, JoBeth Williams ’70.

TOGETHER APART will premiere on May 27th at 5:30 PT/8:30 ET and will stream through May 30th.  General admission tickets start at $25 with a VIP pre-show event available for donations of $100 or more. Tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite with proceeds benefiting The Actors Fund. Visit to purchase tickets and learn more.

Performers Include: Akin Adams, Syd Atlas, Jessie Austrian, Kitty Balay, Julie Bowen, Isabel Brodsky, Noah Brody, Karen Bryant, Imani Camara, Alison Carney, June Carryl, Sara Clarke, Maria Deasy, Mia Ellis, Abby Espiritu, Deborah Defuria, Duncan Gallagher, Rebecca Gibel, Oamiya Haque, Ann Harada, Josh Hamilton, Laurie Israel, Claire Karpen, Eric Kirchberger, Pebble Kranz, Lisa Loeb, Tisola Logan, Meg Maccary, Dan Mackenzie, Gillian Maimon, Joseph Meissner, Luisa Patino, Gabriel Rosen, Rhonda Ross, Jonathan Schaffir, Marcy Schaffir, Sirsa Shekim, Lawrence Stern, Dominic Taylor, Charlie Thurston, Paco Tolson, Anthony Walley, Jobeth Williams, Joe Wilson Jr., Beth Wishnie and Arianna Zukerman. With special appearances by: Carl Belfatti, Leslie Buxbaum, Gordon Chambers, Jim Crawford, Amanda Green, Brian Herrera, Jennifer Hirsh, Matt Hoverman, Stephanie Ittleson, Peter Jacobson, Derek Livingston, Aleta Margolis, Steven Mcelroy, Elizabeth Mitchell, Reggie Nance, Gerhard Schulte, Maria Seigenthaler, Brian Selznick, Elizabeth Shammash, Bryan Tallevi and Jeffrey Winter.

Writers: Carl Belfatti, June Carryl, Jonathan Feinberg, Matt Hoverman (Emmy Award-winner), Maria Deasy, Deborah Defuria, Eric Kirchberger, Derek Livingston, Lisa Loeb, Meg Maccary, Dan Mackenzie, Sam Phillips, Jonathan Schaffir, Maria Seigenthaler, Lawrence Stern and Lorin Wertheimer .

Directors: Seth Bockley, Leslie Buxbaum, Vivienne Benesch, Sarah Cusick, Michael Lippman, Derek Livingston, Cris Sales, Pam Seiderman and Margie Zohn.

Composers: Jocelyn Adams, Carl Belfatti, Jules Cohen, Jonathan Feinberg, Lisa Loeb, Dan Mackenzie, Erin McKeown, Maria Seigenthaler and Lawrence Stern.

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Zack Reiser

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