Day Off Diary: SUFFS’ Hannah Cruz

Day Off Diary

Hannah Cruz | Photo: Rebecca J Michelson

Kobi Kassal
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April 19, 2022 11:45 AM

For many performers, after a long 8-show week, their one day off is time to rest and recharge. This week, we caught up with Hannah Cruz from Suffs to spend an afternoon with her. Get to know a bit more about Hannah in her #DayOffDiary:

Hometown? Newtown, CT

Where might we find you on your day off? At home. My apartment is my favorite place and if I don’t *have* to leave, I don’t.

If you weren’t a performer, what would you be doing? Probably a writer or something with children. I adore children.

If you could describe your experience with Suffs in just one word, what would it be? Fulfilling. Creating a character from scratch is the most thrilling and fulfilling thing I’ve ever done.

Who are you jamming to on Spotify right now? I don’t have Spotify but I just got my Bo Burnham Inside vinyl in the mail and it’s truly all I listen to. I want him to come see Suffs so badly.

What are you binging on TV right now? Ozark! I’m trying to catch up so my boyfriend and I can watch season 4 together!

Read any good books lately? Just finished Jailed for Freedom, Doris Steven’s book, and that’s helped my show a lot. And now I’m reading a book of feminist essays by Nancy Quinn Collins that’s dedicated to Ruza!

One Instagram account (besides your own, duh), that we need to be following? My man @edredutomi! He’s Hamilton on the Angelica tour and he’s killing the game.

Favorite coffee joint in New York? What’s your order? The Intelligentsia Cafe in the Highline Hotel. Whatever they have on pour over but hopefully something from Ethiopia or Kenya!

Pickles on your burgers? Yes. Even though I’ll just pick them off and eat them separately.

Pineapple on your pizza? Noooo no no.

What flavor of cream cheese on your bagel? I’d rather peanut butter honestly. But tofu or low-fat if I have to.

The Public is so historic to New York theatre, what was the first show you ever saw performed at The Public? I saw Party People in 2016. That’s the only show I’ve ever seen there. I was very affected by it.

What is one show you are dying to see on Broadway right now? A Strange Loop! I want to see anything Raja Feather Kelly has worked on. I’m obsessed with him.

Favorite memory of working on Suffs so far? Our sitzprobe. It was a BEAUTIFUL day and the sun was shining. We took Ubers over together and it felt like a field trip. And the joy in that room was so overwhelming and wonderful.

You can catch Hannah in Suffs, which is now in performance at The Public Theater Off-Broadway. For tickets and more information, click here. For more photos, visit Theatrely on Instagram. All photos by Rebecca J Michelson/Theatrely. 

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Kobi Kassal

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Day Off Diary
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