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Our Top 7 Favorite Bonnie Milligan Videos on the Internet

Kobi Kassal
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May 31, 2023 1:04 PM

Look, we have all done it. Gone on YouTube for one video and all of a sudden it's five hours later — where did the time go?! All this week here at Theatrely we are buckling in and diving down the rabbit hole to celebrate this year’s Best Featured Actresses in a Musical nominees at the Tony Awards.

Up today is Bonnie Milligan, nominated for her incredibly hilarious portrayal as Aunt Debra in Kimberly Akimbo. We did our journalistic duty and spent [redacted] hours scouring the internet to find our favorite clips of the comedic beltress. Here’s our list:

Any true Bonnie fan will know this OG video, which now has a whopping 2.6 Million views. Trust me I was there when it was at 16k views. The sheer joy these 8:37 seconds bring are unparalleled.

Before the latest revival of 1776 hit Broadway, Bonnie sang in a concert production and her “Lees of Old Virginia” provides some delicious belting. You can also watch this clip but only focus on Carolee Carmello and Mary Testa to see their amazement of the voice. 

At one of Bonnie and Natalie Walker’s many concerts they have done over the years, Bonnie pulled out this Sondheim tune and I don’t think anything else needs to be mentioned. Period. 

At the 2019 Broadway Backwards, Bonnie, along with queen Debra Monk, performs this wild rendition of “I Met A Girl” from Bells Are Ringing and the belting, the choreo, everything about it just yes. 

Idina is back with new music and I can’t wait to have Bonnie cover all of that but back in 2014 Bonnie gave us this medley and we are better for it. 

Bonnie singing Millie. When’s the next revival?!

And finally let's end on a classic. I saw Bonnie bring the roof down with this tune at a Gala Celebration earlier this year and any chance I have to watch Bonnie sing this, I will. 

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Kobi Kassal

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