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Our Top 7 Favorite Ruthie Ann Miles Videos on the Internet

Jordanna Brody
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June 2, 2023 3:22 PM

Look, we have all done it. Gone on YouTube for one video and all of a sudden it's five hours later — where did the time go?! All this week here at Theatrely we are buckling in and diving down the rabbit hole to celebrate this year’s Best Featured Actresses in a Musical nominees at the Tony Awards.

Up today is Ruthie Ann Miles, nominated for her haunting performance as Beggar Woman in Sweeney Todd. We did our journalistic duty and spent [redacted] hours scouring the internet to find our favorite clips of the iconic singer. Here’s our list:

If this wasn’t on your list of dreamcasting for stage adaptation of Mulan, it certainly is now! If you want to transport yourself back to childhood, watch this video (and maybe cry a little, because I certainly did).

You’re going to sense a common theme with a few of these videos, and that is the Sondheim on Sondheim at the Hollywood Bowl, because it’s absolutely INCREDIBLE. Of course her solo “Take Me To the World” is off the charts, so it’s a must-listen.

She can do Disney princesses AND Disney villains?! What can’t this woman do??

Not only is Ruthie fab in this number, but she’s joined by absolute STARS Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Jonathan Groff (who is literally playing this role on Broadway this Fall–coincidence, I think not!)

I just had to include a classic Barnes & Noble Broadway album launch video, and none is better than Ruthie’s “Something Wonderful” from The King and I, ya know, the role she won a Tony Award for!

And the award for Most Out of Left Field but Amazing Song Choice goes to Ruthie for “Bein’ Green” from the Muppets at NYCLU’s Broadway Stands Up for Freedom 2015. Literally there is nothing this woman can’t do!

Every song in this performance from Ruthie at the Korea Society's 2021 Annual Dinner is stunning (duh). But her rendition of "Taylor, the Latte Boy" brought me right back to middle school in the best way possible.

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Jordanna Brody

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Tony Awards
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