Making I CAN GET IT FOR YOU WHOLESALE For Today, Off-Broadway

Fall Preview 2023

The company of I Can Get It For You Wholesale | Photos: Michaelah Reynolds/Theatrely

Kobi Kassal
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September 14, 2023 11:15 AM

One of the most anticipated musicals this fall won’t be performing anywhere near Midtown or Times Square, but rather down on 13th Street at Classic Stage Company, when I Can Get It For You Wholesale begins performances on October 10, 2023. 

Directed by Trip Cullman, this classic musical by Jerome Weidman and Harold Rome follows shipping clerk Harry Bogen as he enters the ambitious world of the 1930s fashion industry in New York City. Last seen on Broadway in 1962, the musical served as Barbra Streisand’s Broadway debut. John Weidman will reimagine the book by his father Jerome for this production. 

The insanely talented cast will includes Adam Chanler-Berat as Meyer Bushkin, Eddie Cooper as Tootsie Maltz/Ensemble, Santino Fontana as Harry Bogen, Julia Lester as Miss Marmelstein, Adam Grupper as Maurice Pulvermacher, Greg Hildreth as Teddy Asch, Rebecca Naomi Jones as Ruthie Rivkin, Judy Kuhn as Mrs. Bogen, Ryah Nixon as Ensemble, Sarah Steele as Blanche Bushkin, Joy Woods as Martha Mills, Victor de Paula Rocha as Sheldon/Young Harry, and Darron Hayes as Ensemble. 

I caught up with Lester, Hildreth, Jones, and Steele on the set of Theatrely’s Fall 2023 Preview to chat about bringing this show back to the New York stage. 

Theatrely: We don't see this show performed too often. Were you familiar with it before this project?

Rebecca Naomi Jones: I hadn’t been familiar with it except for many readings that we have done over the years. I actually just reread the script recently and was wondering why we are doing this now, and it’s all right there on the page. The themes are ever so present. 

Julia Lester: I had never heard of the show before this came along. I had just heard Barbra’s single “song,” but didn’t realize it came from a show. I’ve immersed myself with lots of research and studying the last couple of months, which has been very informative to me. It’s so awesome that we get to bring this classic piece of theatre to brand new audiences, including myself!

Julia Lester, Sarah Steele, Greg Hildreth, and Rebecca Naomi Jones

Julia, you are about to step into some big shoes as Miss Marmelstein. Tell me about stepping into Barbra’s legacy with this role. 

Lester: It’s a very big responsibility that I am very excited and very honored to do!

The cast is almost the Avengers of musical theatre! Tell me about working all together. 

Sarah Steele: So my parents are both physicians, so I didn’t go see too much theatre as a kid. I fell in love with it by watching the 25th Anniversary of Les Miserables on tape with Judy Kuhn when I was eight years old. After working with her on the last workshop of this, truly my eight year old self, if she knew, would be doing backflips of excitement!

Greg Hildreth: And beyond the cast, Trip and John Wideman who did revisions on his dad’s book, that is a big deal; feels like a living piece of art. 

Talk to me a little about working at CSC!

Jones: I have never worked at Classic Stage but have loved everything I have seen there. I love the feeling in that space so I am just personally really pumped!

The creative team of I Can Get It For You Wholesale will feature scenic design by Mark Wendland, costume design by Ann Hould-Ward, lighting design by Adam Honoré, sound design by Sun Hee Kil, choreography by Ellenore Scott, score arranged and adapted by David Chase, and music direction and orchestrations by Jacinth Greywoode.

I Can Get It For You Wholesale begins performances on Tuesday, October 10, 2023, with an official opening night set for Monday, October 30, 2023. The limited engagement is set to run through Sunday, December 3, 2023. 

For tickets and more information, click here.

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