SOCIAL ALCHEMIX LIVE! Aims To Bring The Conversations To You

Social Alchemix Live! | Design by Chiaki Murata
Lara McCallister
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February 18, 2021 7:00 PM

Meaningful connections and deep conversations are something even the most introverted of us crave during this seemingly never-ending pandemic. Social Alchemix Live! aims to remedy this collective loneliness by engaging in thought-provoking and reflective exchanges. Armed with a drink of choice and cocktail attire, a group of strangers trickle into a Zoom call to participate in what Wil Petre calls his social experiment. The participants from all over the country seemed to congregate for the chance to socialize from the comfort of their homes.

The premise of the night is outlined for the participants at the beginning of the Zoom session: four to five names are randomly drawn. The participant is asked to pick two cards from two separate decks that Petre has worked to create after years of being an NYC bartender. These two cards guide Mr. Petre in asking a purposefully ambiguous question meant to be interpreted in several different ways. Once the participant gives their answer, the proverbial “floor” is open to all of the attendees to ask questions and inquire more about the answer the participant has given. This goes on until the Head Alchemist asks the chosen participant to raise a glass and give a toast. Then another participant is chosen to do the same. From Philly to Boston to Montana, an intimate group of 25 shared stories and camaraderie for what is the most fun cocktail hour I have ever experienced.  

Social Alchemix Live! combines a night at a bar with unique and meaningful conversations. After the initial jitters and timidness among the participants began to fade, the conversations became less observational and more interactive, which is when the social experiment really began. Both those whose names are chosen and those who ask questions become invested in thinking introspectively and open-minded, something that has been great to connect in these pandemic times.

Few times in quarantine (and even the real world) are people given the space to converse without fear of coming across as awkward or invasive. Social Alchemix Live!  allows one to reach beyond the confines of their own experience and inquire about another. The participants are playwrights and the script is one of life, connection, and deep conversation. 

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Lara McCallister

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