SPEAKEASY MAGICK at the McKittrick Hotel Astounds — Review

New York
Peter Samelson performs at Speakeasy Magick
Kobi Kassal
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September 15, 2021 1:15 PM

I am just going to get right to the point. Speakeasy Magick at the McKittrick Hotel is the most astonishing magic performance I have ever seen. 

Situated in the McKittrick’s Club Car, a dark and hazy locale with dim lights and alcohol flowing, guests are sat at tables with half a dozen or so chairs and might I add some delicious popcorn. Hosted by Todd Robbins and Whitney Sprayberry (who just goes by Jack), you are in for an intimate evening of up-close illusions that are so impressive, it will make your head spin. The jazz pianist really livens the room and sets up the perfect atmosphere for a grand affair. 

Speed dating by magic if you will, one by one, some of Manhattan’s most elite magicians stop by your table and perform their specialties right in front of your eyes. I won’t spoil any of the illusions myself, but props are due to all performers who made this night an unforgettable experience. From Jeanette Andrews, who I also caught earlier this year at the ART’s The Conjuror's Club with her impressive sleight of hand, to Patrick Davis’ hilarious and somewhat dangerous act. A true highlight of the evening was when Matias Letelier handed me back my watch which somehow vanished from my arm without my knowledge (and it was on tight!) My guest and I truly bonded with our table-mates and following the show stayed for a drink with them to discuss just how some of these tricks were done. As someone who proudly attended magic camp (is that something to be proud of?!) in my youth, these illusions were stupefying and not to be missed. Nothing is as it seems up in The Club Car. 

You would be hard pressed to not have an enjoyable time at The McKittrick Hotel. Home to Sleep No More, which plans to return later this winter, Susan Hill’s The Woman In Black will return to The Club Car this autumn. Following my performance, I headed upstairs for a beautiful fall evening dinner outside at Gallow Green.  

Tables can be reserved for parties of ten and comes with bottles of Champagne.

If you want to experience a true New York night of Wonderment, Speakeasy Magick is the place for you. 

“Speakeasy Magick” is currently running at The Club Car located in The McKittrick Hotel on 27th Street in New York City. For tickets and more information, visit here

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Kobi Kassal

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