DEAD LETTER NO. 9 Is The Immersive Experience That We Needed This Winter

Alex Mecklosky
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December 13, 2023 2:20 PM

This past week, I took the L train from Lower East Side to Brooklyn to experience Dead Letter No. 9, the newest concept from intrepid immersive theatrical creators ROLL THE BONES. 

My experience with immersive theatre had really only extended as far as haunted house attractions, so I was not 100% sure what I was getting myself into when I showed up to the restaurant that is set up to look like an old postal facility—Dead Letter No. 9—where the immersive experience takes place. I am delighted to say, though, that Dead Letter No. 9 was a night out that I will be thinking about for a long time. 

The 90-minute experience left me with thoughts not only about myself but also about the people I know, and, most surprisingly, some of my fellow audience members.

After receiving a personal note in the foyer, intimate audiences are transported through time and space via highly detailed scenic environments including a porch in the Great Smokies, a camper nestled into the boulders of Joshua Tree, and a treehouse in an East Coast backyard. 

I don’t want to give too much away about the show itself, as I believe something as interesting and thought-provoking as this is best to go into blind. But what I will say is that Dead Letter No. 9 is something I could see myself doing on a weekly basis. It is not only as helpful as therapy but also more entertaining (I also think it’s cheaper to attend once a week than pay for therapy out of pocket). I could have spent at least 3 hours inside the immersive experience and not have gotten tired of the conversations we were having inside at all.

Dead Letter No. 9 also features a brand new restaurant and cocktail lounge. I had the opportunity to taste some of the food and drinks inside, and they were great. If you plan to partake in the experience, I would recommend making time in your schedule to enjoy a meal and a drink inside as well.

For more information visit here.

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Alex Mecklosky

As a native New Yorker, Alex has always loved everything involving theatre. With a degree in Theatre and New Media from Marymount Manhattan College, Alex realized that, since he was not talented enough to be on Broadway, the next best thing would be to write about it!