Resounding’s "Treasure Island" Streams November 27–28

November 26, 2020 7:00 PM

Broadway’s Rob McClure leads a talented cast of seven in Resounding’s latest audio production, Treasure Island streaming both tonight and tomorrow at 8pm.

After their celebrated debut last month with Dracula, Resounding’s latest production dives deep into the sea, pirates and all, with this classic tale of buccaneers and treasure galore. Billed as “Live Immersive Audio Entertainment”, Resounding is helmed by Creative Director Steve Wargo and Director of Operations Blair Russell. A director, producer, and writer based in New York, Wargo started Resounding back in April of this year and has brought on an extremely talented crew to create a new type of entertainment. Unlike many audio plays that theatres across the country are currently producing, every performance of a Resounding show is 100% live. That was very important to Wargo, “there needs to be a live element for it to be theatre in my opinion,” he told me earlier this week.

The team at Resounding has been able to create an incredible experience from the comfort of your own home with their fully immersive “3-D” soundscapes through your headphones that drop you right in the center of their stories. I had the pleasure of attending a press preview of Treasure Island earlier this week, and the work that the entire team is producing is truly delightful.

Cast and Crew of Resounding's Treasure Island

McClure was set to officially open Mrs. Doubtfire on Broadway when the industry shuttered on March 12 due to safety concerns surrounding COVID-19. Now, sitting in his closet at home in Philadelphia, he takes on the infamous seafaring Long John Silver, with his wife Maggie Lakis voicing protagonist Jim Hawkins. Rounding out the cast is  Victoria Huston-Elem, Christian Elán Ortiz, Kurt Uy, Rolonda Watts, and Stuart Williams. Sound design is by Andy Evan Cohen.

Next up for Resounding is a new adaption of The Nutcracker in December. And after that? Resounding tells us they have plans for new productions throughout 2021 starting with Shakespeare’s The Tempest in January.

For more information on Resounding and to purchase tickets to "Treasure Island", visit:

*This article originally appeared on Theatre Talk Boston.

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