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Max Sauberman
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April 21, 2023 3:58 PM

After a successful run that has been extended multiple times, the off-Broadway parody musical Stranger Sings is set to close on May 7th after 202 performances and 8 previews. The show, a comedic take on the hit Netflix series Stranger Things, has been entertaining audiences since its August 2022 opening with its catchy songs, hilarious dialogue, and clever references to the show.

Staged at Playhouse 46 at St. Luke’s in the Theater District, Stranger Sings tracks the events of season 1 of the Netflix series. Audiences follow a ragtag group of Indiana teenagers as they try to save their (puppet) friend Will from the Upside Down, a mysterious alternate dimension. Along the way, they encounter a variety of strange and supernatural beings, including the terrifying Demogorgon. The show features a talented cast of actors and singers, who bring the characters to life with plenty of humor and heart.

Stranger Sings is a creation of Jonathan Hogue (book, music & lyrics) with direction from Nick Flatto. The current cast members include Harley Seger, Caroline Huerta, Nickolaus Colon, SLee, Jeremiah Garcia, Jamir Brown, Kyle Mangold, and Nicolas Hermick. The Production Stage Manager is Alex Dash and Assistant Stage Managers are Kaitlyn Meriam and Lara Sato.

The show has evolved into a bit of a cult favorite across New York theatergoers, with critical acclaim and buzz across social media.

In his review, Managing Editor Dan Meyer notes Hogue’s score “keeps the momentum going”, with the show allowing for “an entry point for people who might not have seen [Stranger Things] before”, noting standout performances from SLee as Barb Holland and Caroline Huerta as, among others, (puppet) Will Byers. Huerta “does great work making the character feel like a part of the human cast, imbuing the character’s oh-gee-why-me-where-am-I? whininess to shine through without poking fun at Will’s on-screen portrayer.”

Even beyond May, the piece will live immortally – fans of Stranger Sings can listen to the original off-Broadway cast album, streaming now across platforms (the opening number, “Welcome to Hawkins”, has amassed 19,000 streams to date).

And more life is to be expected – albeit dispersed across the country and beyond, as Stranger Sings is also available for licensing and has a UK tour beginning in September.

For now, Netflix and musical theatre fans alike have just two more weeks to catch that portal to Hawkins, Indiana at Stranger Sings before it closes its gates for good. For tickets and more information, visit here.


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Max Sauberman

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