Top Tracks: KIMBERLY AKIMBO Original Broadway Cast Recording 

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The cast of Kimberly Akimbo | Photo: Joan Marcus

Dan Meyer
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February 14, 2023 2:00 PM

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of us! What a lovely treat that the Kimberly Akimbo Original Broadway Cast Recording has been released February 14. After releasing tracks like “Anagrams” and “Better”, plus Theatrely’s own exclusive track debut “Skater Planet,” listeners can experience the musical from start to finish.

Still that might be easier said than done with an album that’s over an hour long. Plus, you can’t put every track on your Manifesting 2023 Tony Awards playlist, right? So, without further ado, here are Theatrely’s Top Tracks for the Kimberly Akimbo cast album.

“Hello, Darling” / “Make a Wish”

After the stellar opening number, these two songs successively set up the musical’s context, both in character and tone. Alli Mauzey is both hilarious and horrifying as Kimberly’s narcissistic pregnant mom (she’s singing into a video camera), while Victoria Clark’s solo perfectly introduces the audience to the spunky teenager we’re about to fall in love with. 

“How to Wash a Check”

Aunt Debra has had it up to here with these kids. Thankfully, Bonnie Milligan is absolutely crushing it as the scheming relative who wants to commit fraud. Soon, the tune becomes a toe-tapping number that celebrates teamwork AND breaking the law—and everybody gets what they want!

“Our Disease”

Highlighting scurvy (“it killed a bunch of old-timey sailors, argh!”) and fascioliasis (“make your tummy burn like lava”), this song starts out as cheeky ode to ailments past and present. Of course, then the song needs to discuss Kimberly’s affliction, turning this number into a genuine, earnest exploration of biology—and regret. 

“Great Adventure”

This closing number is the most heartwarming way to end a show about a teenager living with a terminal illness. Both a reference to the Six Flags theme park in New Jersey and the human journey, the cast brings it home in this ode to living life to the fullest. 

Kimberly Akimbo opened November 10 at the Booth Theatre on Broadway. It stars Victoria Clark, Bonnie Milligan, Justin Cooley, Steven Boyer, Alli Mauzey, Olivia Elease Hardy, Fernell Hogan, Michael Iskander, and Nina White.

To listen or order the entire album, visit Ghostlight Records. The album is produced by Jeanine Tesori, John Clancy, and David Stone, with Kurt Deutsch serving as executive producer.

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